FBA Jazz and Solo/Ensemble Weekend

This weekend, nearly 30 students will be participating in the FBA Jazz and Solo/Ensemble Music Performance Assessment event on behalf of the South Dade Band! Here is the information about each group and how you can support these hard-working students:

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band will be performing at its’ first Jazz MPA in 4 years and looking to earn the first ever “Superior” rating South Dade has received at a Jazz MPA! The South Dade Jazz Band will perform at 6:00 pm on Friday, February 22, 2013 in the Hialeah Gardens Senior HS Auditorium. Admission is free and open to the public, so please come support the band as they aim for that “Superior” plaque! We hope to see you there!

Winter Guard

South Dade’s first ever competitive winter color guard will be making its’ second appearance at FBA’s Auxiliary Solo/Ensemble event on Saturday, February 23, 2013. The guard will also be aiming for the first ever “Superior” earned by a South Dade Auxiliary Ensemble at FBA’s S/E festival! These 8 hard-working students will be performing at 3:10 pm on Saturday in the Hialeah Gardens HS Gymnasium. We hope to see you there!


While not open to the public, we would like to wish the following students and ensembles best wishes as they perform for judges on Saturday to earn their own “Superior” medals! Best of luck to:

  • Christian R (Trumpet Solo)
  • Carlos V (Trumpet Solo)
  • Ruben B (Trombone Solo)
  • Reinaldo B (Trombone Solo)
  • Karimah F (Flute Solo)
  • Leslie J (Flute Solo)
  • Alexandre J (Marimba Solo)
  • Trombone Quartet (Reinaldo, Ruben, Gabriel M, Ramon G)
  • Percussion Ensemble

Good luck to all who are performing this weekend!

First Annual Spring Showcase

We are pleased to announce the South Dade Band’s first annual Spring Showcase, featuring all the ensembles that will be performing in spring evalutations! This night of fun, food, music, and motion will feature the following ensembles:

-Winter Guard
-Percussion Ensemble
-Wind Ensemble
-Jazz Band

The event will begin at 6:00 pm in the South Dade Gymnasium for the winter guard and percussion ensemble, and after a brief intermission, will resume in the South Dade Band Room where the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band will perform. The event should be over by 7:00.

There will be no tickets for this event! All we ask is for a small suggested donation of whatever you may be able to offer as you enter. These donations will help us offset travel costs to our evaluations!

We look forward to seeing you this Friday!

In-Kind Donation Requests

Please see the message below from BBPA Vice President Jeanette Rosario regarding important donations we need for this week:

Good Evening Parents,

Since the kids will be attending both competitions on Saturday Nov 3,  We would like to provide them with a packed lunch so they can eat between places. We also be selling concessions for our band concert, Nov 5.

We will need the following items:

Saturday Competitions: Paper lunch bags, Ziploc bags, sliced bread (for sandwiches), individual bags of chips, granola bars, fruit,  cold cuts, cheese slices, trail mix.  Gatorade. Everything must be able to fit in bags and individually wrapped…enough for 65-70 people

Monday Concert Concessions: baked goods, cupcakes, cookies, banana nut bread, individually wrapped items also, Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Water.

We would appreciate these items for the trip as soon as possible, since we need to pack these bags either Friday night or early Saturday morning.  You can drop off the items in the band room, But I would really appreciate you letting me know what you will be bringing.

Thank you for all your help

Jeannette (lovecjc@aol.com)

Schedule Updates: IMPORTANT

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as the schedule continues to change in the aftermath of “Tropical Storm” Sandy. Here is the most updated information:

TODAY (10/26): All events (practice, football game) have been POSTPONED. There will be nothing happening at school today.

TOMORROW (10/27):

  • FBA Competition has been rescheduled for 11/3 (see below)
  • We will have rehearsal from Noon to 3pm. All top officers (Band Captains, Drum Majors, Guard/Percussion Captains) should be at school by 11am.
  • The football game has been rescheduled to 7pm tomorrow. Call time will be 4:30pm after practice lets out. Students will wear the FULL UNIFORM for the game, and they will be collected for dry-cleaning after the game.


The FBA Competition from this week has been rescheduled for this day, which overlaps with the Santaluces competition. The scheduling is working out so that we will be able to attend BOTH performances. The tentative itinerary for the day is available below:


Also, please do not forget that if you have not already paid the first installment of $44 for the FMBC trip, that money is due to me TOMORROW. I have extended the deadline due to today’s cancellations.

Thank you, and feel free to email me with any questions.

Week of October 15: Busy, Busy!

It is going to be a busy week in the South Dade Band program! Here is everything you need to know:

Monday, October 15

  • Hialeah Meal Deals on sale to Mr. Z (see here for more information)
  • Color Guard Sectional 2:45-6:00 pm
  • Woodwind/Altomello Sectional 2:30-3:30 pm

Tuesday, October 16

  • Hialeah Meal Deals on sale to Mr. Z (see here for more information)
  • Marching Band Rehearsal 3-6 pm

Wednesday, October 17

  • Hialeah Meal Deals on sale to Mr. Z (see here for more information)
  • Marching Band Rehearsal 3-6 pm
  • FMBC Trip Meeting 6:30 pm in Band Room *MANDATORY FOR ALL PARENTS* (If you cannot come, your student needs to stay to get the information!)

Thursday, October 18

  • Hialeah Meal Deals on sale to Mr. Z (here!)
  • Marching Band Rehearsal 3-7 pm (NOTE EXTRA HOUR)

Friday, October 19

  • Band Picture Day (see here for more information!)
  • Football Game vs. Palmetto (5:30pm call time)

Saturday, October 20

  • Hialeah Competition – See HERE for itinerary and more information

Hialeah Competition: October 20

We have just under 1 week until our first competition at Hialeah! Here is the important information:


We need MANY chaperones to help transport all the equipment we will have during our performance! If you are available, please consider chaperoning this important event! To sign up to chaperone, visit the Chaperone page, make sure you are signed up as a volunteer on the DadeSchools website, and fill in the form at the bottom to notify us. In order to be on the Chaperone list, you MUST submit the form on this page so we have your name down! If you have already told someone you plan to chaperone, fill out the form anyway!

There will be a MANDATORY Chaperone meeting on Saturday morning at 9:00 am to go over Chaperone duties and procedures. All parents that will be chaperoning this event must be at this meeting!


The itinerary for the competition has been finalized. Click HERE to see the itinerary and HERE for a full performance schedule of all bands.

Meal Deals

The Hialeah Boosters are offering a Meal Deal from their concession stand that allows you to “skip the line” and get your food sooner! For $4, you get:

  • Entree: Hot Dog OR Hamburger OR Pork Sandwich OR Pizza
  • Drink: Coke OR Diet Coke OR Sprite OR Bottled Water
  • Snack: Potato Chips OR Cookie

There is no limit to how many Meal Deals you can order. See Mr. Z this week for an order form. All orders are due by Thursday at the latest, so that the Hialeah Boosters can plan ahead! You must pay when you give your order to Mr. Z!

Best of luck to the Buccaneer Marching Band at the Hialeah Competition!

Band Picture Day: October 19

The annual South Dade Band picture day will be held during school on October 19, 2012! Here is the important information:

When, Where, and Who?

Pictures will be taken all day long in the South Dade Bandroom. If you have a class with Mr. Z during that day, you will take your picture then. If not, an email will go out asking you to be excused to take a picture during 6th period. If your teacher wants you to stay, it is your responsibility to come during the beginning or end of lunch to take your picture! Pictures should take 5-10 minutes per person. Pictures will be taken of ALL students in the band program, not just the marching band!

After taking a few pictures, the photographer will show them to you on a TV Screen immediately, and let you choose which one you would like to keep!

What Do I Wear?

Winds/Percussion: Wear your Marching Band Uniform (if you are not in marching band, we will have a few extra uniforms in various sizes for you to use for the picture).

Color Guard: Wear your Competition Uniform

How Can I Order?

Simply fill out the order form, and bring it on Friday. Pre-orders will save you $10 off your total purchase! Mr. Z has extra copies of the order form, and there will also be copies on Friday. Make sure you look into ordering the composite with everyone’s picture, and don’t forget that the more orders we submit, the closer we get to receiving a complimentary extra-large composite for the band room! Make this a memory you will never forget!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Mr. Z

The SD Band Guide to Metronomes and Tuners

It is highly recommended that each student have a metronome and a tuner for use in their individual practice. Here are a few options for what types of tuners/metronomes work best:

Physical Tuner/Metronome

For those students who prefer having a physical device for their tuner and metronome, it is recommended that students get the Korg TM-40 Tuner/Metronome Combo. This device is affordable and extremely accurate.

Tuner/Metronome Apps

For smartphone owners, there are a few very good iPhone/Android apps that can substitute for a physical tuner/metronome at a much lower price. These are the recommended apps to get for each device:


  • Tuner: Cleartune ($3.99)-Don’t buy a free tuner! They don’t work!
  • Metronome: Metronome (Free), Tempo ($1.99 – MUCH more advanced)


If you have found an app other than these that you are interested in getting, check with Mr. Z first! Many apps, especially free ones, are inexpensive because they are poor quality and don’t provide accurate results. Check before you download!

Band Supplies: REQUIRED

As a member of the South Dade Band, it is each student’s responsibility to ensure that their instrument is properly cared for and maintained, whether they use a personal or school-owned instrument. In class this week, students received a supply list which details the instrument supplies that they are expected to have. Supply lists are broken down by required items (that all students must have), and recommended items (slightly more expensive, and intended for more advanced students).

All supplies can be purchased locally at MusicDepot (located in the Florida City Outlet Mall at US-1 and Palm Drive. Alternatively, items may be ordered online through Woodwind/Brasswind. A list of all required and recommended supplies and links to purchase them will always be accessible on the Band Supplies page of this website. Please refer to this and purchase the recommended brands of these supplies! Other brands may be more inexpensive, but that price comes with a much lower quality!

All students are expected to have their required supplies by October 1! There will be a supply check in class on this day. Thank you for your cooperation, and if you have any questions, please ask Mr. Z before making a purchase!