Auditions: BAND

The Band Program offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to learn how to play instruments in a thrilling environment.  Classes offered include Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Beginning Band, Jazz Band and Chamber Ensembles.

Being in Band also gives you the chance to participate in the award winning Buccaneer Marching Band.  No previous experience is necessary to take a band class.  It is a great opportunity to learn while having fun!!


BAND Applicants will:

  1. Woodwinds and Brass: Applicants will perform a technical and lyrical piece picked to highlight their strengths.
  2. Percussion: Applicants should prepare an exercise on snare drum and mallet percussion picked to highlight their strengths.
  3. All Applicants will sight-read music of average difficulty. Percussion applicants will sight-read on mallets.
  4. All applicants will demonstrate acceptable proficiency on a music fundamental examination.
  5. All Applicants will be interviewed individually by the Band Director and members of the Band Leadership.


Note: All first-year students in the Band program are required to participate in the Marching Band program and cannot be involved in any other sport or activity that will interfere with after school rehearsals.  The Buccaneer Marching Band rehearses two to three evenings per week until mid-November.  The final schedule will be announced in May.


Questions should be directed to


Audition Dates/Times:

All auditions take place at SDHS.


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