Upcoming Pep Gigs

Happy Holidays! The South Dade Band has two UM Basketball game fundraiser performances this coming week. These performances are open to ANY student in the band program, even if they did not participate in marching band this year! Here is the info:

  • Monday, Dec. 29 – 12 pm call time at school, 3pm game, 6pm return
  • Tuesday, Dec. 30 – 4pm call time at school, 7pm game, 10pm return
  • Band wear blue polos and jeans, guard wear pep uniforms

Students, if you are not a Marching Band person and you plan to attend (or if you know a non marching band person who plans to attend) please Contact Mr. Z so music will be ready. We would love to pack the stands and show the University that we should continue getting the calls for these gigs. They are a great fundraiser for our program!

Thanks, and once again, happy holidays!

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