Band Picture Day: October 19

The annual South Dade Band picture day will be held during school on October 19, 2012! Here is the important information:

When, Where, and Who?

Pictures will be taken all day long in the South Dade Bandroom. If you have a class with Mr. Z during that day, you will take your picture then. If not, an email will go out asking you to be excused to take a picture during 6th period. If your teacher wants you to stay, it is your responsibility to come during the beginning or end of lunch to take your picture! Pictures should take 5-10 minutes per person. Pictures will be taken of ALL students in the band program, not just the marching band!

After taking a few pictures, the photographer will show them to you on a TV Screen immediately, and let you choose which one you would like to keep!

What Do I Wear?

Winds/Percussion: Wear your Marching Band Uniform (if you are not in marching band, we will have a few extra uniforms in various sizes for you to use for the picture).

Color Guard: Wear your Competition Uniform

How Can I Order?

Simply fill out the order form, and bring it on Friday. Pre-orders will save you $10 off your total purchase! Mr. Z has extra copies of the order form, and there will also be copies on Friday. Make sure you look into ordering the composite with everyone’s picture, and don’t forget that the more orders we submit, the closer we get to receiving a complimentary extra-large composite for the band room! Make this a memory you will never forget!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Mr. Z

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